• Often the hours are being passed to Emtes centrally by our clients. But its possible that the employees (you) are responsible for delivering your timesheet yourself. In both cases it is important that Emtes has received your timesheet by Wednesday before 12 pm for the previous week. We pay the salaries of our employees all on Thursday. The timesheet can be downloaded on this website.

  • We are available 24 hours a day at our office phone numbers. The lines are always diverted to our mobile phone after 5 pm. During the day we would like you to contact us through our office numbers as well. The numbers are:

    Emtes Enschede    Tel: +31 (0)53-4882100
    Emtes Hoogvliet    Tel: + 31(0)10-2310726
    Emtes Amsterdam  Tel: + 31 (0)20-688196

  • Are you ill? Please report it by telephone before 10 am to the offices where you work for. If you fail to do this, it could affect the payout of your sick benefit. So always pass the information directly to Emtes.

  • You can receive your paycheck per email. Please pass your email address through to administratie@emtes.nl then your paycheck will be sent to that particular address.

  • Emtes works with various training centers at home and abroad. This allows us to quickly train candidates for any job-relevant training. All our staff must have a VCA or VCA VOL (for operational managers) certificate, but we will train you, in consultation with our clients, further. This allows you to get your flange mechanic (low and high pressure), compressed air, VVL (Safe Movement of Loads), and forklift certificates. Do you want a training? Get in touch with your office and one of our consultants will discuss your possibilities. Emtes works with a study contract. Ask about these terms and conditions to one of our branches.

  • We have a new system for ordering PPE. Through our online shop (InOneShop), the offices now order all your PPE’s with a delivery time of only two business days. Orders are delivered directly to the offices. You can order your PPE’s at the office which is closest to you.

    Emtes is responsible for a safe and healthy working environment. This starts immediately when employees start working for us. Many of our clients provide PPE’s at the project sites. Emtes however, is striving that all employees are in possession of the standard PPE’s before they start working. The standard package includes safety shoes (S3), fireproof overalls, safety glasses, safety helmet, dust mask, gloves and earplugs. Additional PPE’s will be provided on request. For this you can contact one of our offices.


  • Please let us know when you want to have vacation. Preferably long before you leave. It is important not only for your salary, but also for the client you are working for. If we know when you are leaving we might be able to replace you temporarily.

  • We have clients all over Holland and abroad. You can be deployed far from home and if you want, we can arrange a stay for you. We do this gladly and we have a large dossier with houses, hotels, hostels, campsites and holiday parks. If you ask Emtes to help you, we insist you also go to the accommodation we’ve booked for you. Otherwise we lose our credibility with the owners of these hotels and also be charged for cancellation. You will receive an allowance from Emtes, it is intended that you pay for your accommodation yourself. Do this please, because otherwise Emtes needs to subtract this from your salary with extra charges.

  • Emtes conforms to the ABU CAO (this CAO is declared generally binding on all agencies that are not NBBU). Here, the phase system is being used. Every employee that starts working for Emtes starts in phase A. This phase has a maximum duration of 78 workweeks, it is a temporary contract. After that, (when both parties are satisfied) we offer the employee a phase B contract. We may contract an employee in phase B for 2 years consecutively up to 8 contracts for a period of 3 months each. Emtes often uses the system to offer a maximum of 2 contracts of one year each. After these contracts, the employee ends up in phase C, which ultimately means that he or she has a permanent contract. For more information about the phase system we refer to the CAO ABU. Which can be downloaded on this website. Or you can call one of our consultants.

  • Each week you save holiday-allowance, holidays, short absence, special leave and public holidays. These are listed at the bottom of your paycheck. For further information we refer you to the CAO ABU (Article 26 t / m 31).

  • Naast het feit dat Emtes een VCU gecertificeerde onderneming is, vinden we veiligheid en gezondheid ontzettend belangrijk. Zowel de werkgever als de werknemer is verantwoordelijk voor de veiligheid en gezondheid op de werkplek. De bedrijfsvoorschriften ten aanzien van veiligheid en gezondheid worden bij indiensttreding aan je uitgereikt. Je kunt altijd bij onze V&G Coördinator terecht voor inzage in de VCU. Bij het niet naleven van de geldende regels kan dit nadelige consequenties hebben voor de werknemer.

  • Once you know you can return to work, please call us. Very important for temporary workers (phase A): report this at the UWV. We will notify them if you fall ill, but the end of your sickness you’ll have to do yourself. This is also being noticed in the letter you will receive at home from the UWV. You can also call 0900-9294 (from abroad + 31 888 982 001).

  • Emtes uses the ABU CLA. It includes all conditions that apply to temporary workers included as agreed between CLA-parties.